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Our Approach

We’re a specialized filmmaking collective that works across the U.S. and around the world to craft compelling documentaries, shorts and commercials. Our team of accomplished filmmakers specialize in finding humanity and beauty amidst the noise and conflict that mark today’s media landscape.  We offer distinctive visual and sound designs, bringing the full complement of documentary and narrative filmmaking techniques to our projects. We are capable of taking a project from pre-production to distribution, or plugging into any phase of filmmaking as needed.

Our Story

Founded by Daniel Leonard Bernardi, a Professor of Cinema at San Francisco State University and veteran of the Iraq War and other deployments, El Dorado Films leverages the talent of a wide range of filmmakers – from cinematographers to editors to animators and sound designers – to support the filmmaking interests of partners committed to telling stories that look to transform how audiences see and understand their world.   We are selective because we can be.

child with camera
Andres Gallegos on shoot

How We Work

El Dorado Films is home to an extraordinary catalog that includes over 20 features and shorts shot around the world. Our services create great opportunities for filmmakers by providing a platform to produce and distribute without the restraint on their creativity. Our in-depth process ensures our clients will have a clear understanding of the inner workings of the distribution process, while also working in a high production setting. We connect your story to the world around you.