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On shoot, camera pointed at woman standing outsdite

Who We Are

Our stories transcend boundaries. El Dorado Films, the proud distributor of the acclaimed Veteran Documentary Corps (VDC) films, is a powerhouse in the realm of specialized film production and distribution. Operating from both U.S. and international bases, we craft evocative documentaries, engaging series, and dynamic shorts that resonate globally. Our ensemble of distinguished filmmakers is dedicated to unveiling the beauty of humanity amidst the pain and conflict that defines too much of our media. With an emphasis on unique visual and sound designs, our films blend the finest elements of documentary and animation techniques, creating an immersive experience that lingers long after the screen fades to black.

Our Story

El Dorado Films was launched by Daniel Leonard Bernardi and a small group of filmmakers in 2016 to focus on the creative side of documentary storytelling. We harness the talents of a diverse array of creatives—from cinematographers and editors to animators and sound designers—ensuring that each project is as compelling as it is unique. Together, we are committed to telling impactful stories that broaden the perspective of how audiences see and understand their world.

Our flagship project, Veteran Documentary Corps (VDC), stands as a testament to our mission. With veterans integral to our filmmaking team, we are dedicated to sharing the unique and authentic stories of those who have served our country and their families. At VDC, we honor their experiences with the respect and depth they deserve, bringing their voices to the forefront of our narrative canvas.

Little girl looking through a large filmming camera
Andres Gallegos on location with camera next to little boy holding up newspaper

How We Work

El Dorado Films is proud to present an extraordinary catalog featuring over 110 documentary features and shorts, each available online and showcased at festivals worldwide. Our distribution network, several in collaboration with Journeyman Pictures and Java Films, ensures that these compelling narratives reach audiences on Apple, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. For students, our films are accessible through educational platforms such as Kanopy, Alexander Street, and Infobase.

We are dedicated to creating opportunities for filmmakers, offering a platform that champions their creativity without constraints. At El Dorado Films, we believe in connecting audiences directly with the artist's vision, focusing on the unique and profound stories being told. With a special emphasis on military experiences, our films bring to light the extraordinary journeys and perspectives of those who have served.

Join us in exploring these powerful stories, where every frame is a testament to the art of documentary filmmaking.