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Jorge Aliaga

Jorge Aliaga

Jorge is a Chilean composer. He has his Bachelor of Science and Musical Arts degrees in addition to a diploma in Music Composition for Films at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, France and a Master’s degree in Latin American Musicology, awarded with maximum distinction by the Alberto Hurtado University, Chile.

His music has a particular stamp that constantly explores in a sensitive way the narrative-emotional sense with which music can enhance both the gestural image and the film image.

He has received 4 Jerry Goldsmith Award and a Jerry Goldsmith Nobel Prize – Spain in addition to numerous Chilean awards, Pulsar for Best Audiovisual Music in 2015-2017, FIC-Viña Award in 2009-2010 and his most recent recognitions being the “Silver Medal” for the documentary Shadow Girl at the Global Music Awards, Los Angeles, United States.

Selected Filmography

Shoe Shiner


From Mexico to Vietnam: a Chicano story

Ultimate Sacrifices Cpt. Jennifer Moreno