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On shoot, camera pointed at woman standing outsdite

Who We Are

El Dorado Films, the distributor of Veteran Documentary Corps (VDC) films, is a specialized filmmaking collective that works across the U.S. and around the world to craft compelling documentaries, shorts, and commercials. Our team of accomplished filmmakers specialize in finding humanity and beauty amidst the noise and conflict that mark today’s media landscape. We offer distinctive visual and sound designs, bringing the full complement of documentary and narrative filmmaking techniques to our projects.

Our Story

El Dorado Films was developed by Dr. Daniel L. Bernardi and a group of filmmakers focusing on the artistic side of documentary storytelling. It is our intention to leverage the talent of a wide range of filmmakers – from cinematographers to editors to animators and sound designers – to support the filmmaking interests of partners committed to telling impactful stories that look to transform how audiences see and understand their world. Veteran Documentary Corps, or VDC, is El Dorado Films’ premier documentary filmmaking and distribution project.

Little girl looking through a large filmming camera
Andres Gallegos on location with camera next to little boy holding up newspaper

How We Work

El Dorado Films is home to an extraordinary catalog that includes more than 50 features and shorts shot and screened in festivals around the world. Our services create opportunities for filmmakers by providing a platform to produce and distribute without restraint on their creativity. We connect you directly to the artists’ vision of what any given story is directly to our audience, giving you an insight into the mind of the artist, the subject, and the military experience.