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The American War

Directed by Daniel Leonard Bernardi

The story of the Vietnam War from the perspective of six Vietcong veterans: a soldier, an officer, an informant, a guerilla, a My Lai survivor and the leader of the Long Hair army. The American War gives voice and character to Vietcong veterans. Directed by an American veteran of the Iraq War, we experience Vietcong memories of the TET Offensive, of the My Lai Massacre, of torture at the ends of the South Vietnamese army, of PTSD, building the Ho Chi Minh Trail - and of forgiveness.

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Madame Mars

Directed by Jan Millsapps

The Madame Mars project reframes the story of space exploration as a feminist issue, connecting the original space age that denied opportunities to women, to current Mars initiatives that still lack a full commitment to diversity, and argues for a more inclusive spacefaring future.

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Directed by Molly Stuart

Like all Israeli teenagers, Atalya Ben Abba is obligated to become a soldier. Unlike most, she questions the ethics of her country’s military and becomes determined to challenge this rite of passage. Objector follows Atalya through her conscientious objection, imprisonment, and beyond, as she attempts to reconcile her Jewish identity, her love for her family and her homeland, and her dedication to Palestinian rights

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The War to End all Wars... And Its American Veterans

Directed by Daniel Leonard Bernardi

Relying on newly discovered archival footage, memoirs from the fallen and expert commentary from world-renown scholars, The War to End all Wars tells the story of World War I: It's Ace pilots, mine-laying sailors, heroic doughboys, Harlem Hell Fights, and courageous nurses. As the story of trench, chemical and open warfare unfolds, we come to understand how the first global war transformed American society, leading to the Veteran's Administration, while also solidifying the country's parochial past.

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Noble Sissle’s Syncopated Ragtime

Directed by Daniel L. Bernardi and David de Rozas

Combining unseen period footage with original scores from that era, 'Syncopated Ragtime' tells the story of Noble Sissle incredible life journey that spans "The Harlem Hellfighters" of World War I, Broadway Theatre, the Civil Rights movement, and decades of Black cultural production.

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Nurse Helen Fairchild

Directed by Eliciana Nascimento

Bravery, compassion and the will to save lives motivated the young Nurse Helen Fairchild to leave home in Pennsylvania and embark on a journey to Europe.

Nurse Helen Fairchild on IMBD

Guy Hircefeld, a guy with a Camera

Directed by Andrés Gallegos

Guy Hircefeld, a veteran that served in the Israeli military at the start of its occupation of Palestine in the 1980s, now fights against Israeli occupation, ethnic cleansing, and environmental warfare. His only weapon is a camera.