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Daniel Leonard Bernardi

Daniel Leonard Bernardi
President and Director

In addition making films, Daniel is a professor in the School of Cinema and Director of the Veteran Documentary Corps at San Francisco State University. His research explores the representation and narration of race and ethnicity in film, television and popular culture. He is currently extending this work to address narrative and industry studies.  He is the author of Star Trek and History: Race-ing Toward a White Future, co-author of both Off the Page: Screenwriting in the Era of Media Convergence and Narrative Landmines: Rumors, Islamist Extremism and the Struggle for Strategic Influence, editor of the Rutgers University Press book series, War Culture, and several books on race in American film.  A Naval Reserve officer, he has served in Italy, Iraq, Indonesia, Oceania and Vietnam (2012), among other areas of the U.S. and world.

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Poster of Aracibo(in production)

Poster for Port Chicago
(in production)

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Poster for Noble Sissle(in festival)

Poster for Nurse Helen
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Poster for The American War(in festival)

Poster for Madame Mars(airing on KQED)

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Poster for Abina(in distribution)

Poste for Con Moto(in distribution)