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Frank Maselskis: from WWII POW to Chosin Reservoir Survivor

A prisoner of war in World War II, Frank Maselskis decides to join the Korean War, where he participates in the battle of Chosin, a brutal combat that took place in the most extreme weather conditions. Read more.

Alene B. Duerk: The First Woman Admiral

Alene Duerk, the first female Navy admiral, earned this title after several years of hard work and dedication as the first nurse serving during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Read more.

Rudy Hernández: Congressional Medal of Honor

RUDY flyer_Digital Horizontal

A story of heroism and duty, Medal of Honor recipient Rodolfo P. Hernandez combats the onslaught of Communist North Korean forces as they attempt to repel the invasion into South Korea. Read more.

Noble Sissle's Syncopated Ragtime

Noble Sissle's incredible life spans "The Harlem Hellfighters" of World War I, Broadway Theatre, the Civil Rights movement, and decades of Black cultural production in this short, award-winning documentary. Read more.

Pam Roark: Iraq War Nurse

Captain Pam Roark was a Navy nurse whose life-long passion and commitment resulted in an exciting story of female military leadership. Read more.

Guy Hircefeld, A Guy with a Camera

Guy Hircefeld, a veteran that served in the Israeli military at the start of its occupation of Palestine in the 1980s, now fights against Israeli occupation, ethnic cleansing, and environmental warfare. His only weapon is a camera. Read more.

Nurse Helen Fairchild

Bravery, compassion and the will to save lives motivated the young Nurse Helen Fairchild to leave home in Pennsylvania and embark on a journey to Europe, where she served as a surgical nurse during the World War I. Read More.

Madame Mars

 As a new space age dawns, have women come far enough to go farther than they ever have before? Women have faced challenges while trying to study and explore Mars–from early space age pioneers to those currently working. Read More.

Ralph Parr: Fighter Ace of the Twentieth Century


The story of Korean War, WWII, Vietnam War Fighter Pilot, Ralph Parr. Read More.